Why Naked & Unashamed? 

We are Lutheran theologians committed to an incarnational theology that rejects purity culture and any theology that is afraid of bodies and their desires. We are not ashamed of our sexuality, our relationality, our queerness, and our genders, because we walk in the promise that God sees our bodies and calls them good.

Naked & Unashamed challenges the theology and expected conduct described in Vision & ExpectationsDefinitions and Guidelines for Discipline, and Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust, among other ELCA documents. This movement is for everyone in the church, congregants and ministers. Our goal is to:

  • Evaluate healthy sexuality: Sexuality is a power dynamic to steward, not something that must be controlled in one specific type of relationship: marriage.
  • Undo purity culture: Our church needs to have open conversations around healthy Christian sexual ethics in order to fight the shame that comes from silence around sexuality.
  • Eliminate homophobic hypocrisy: Since the ELCA requires civil marriage for committed relationships of all genders, we want its policies to name same-gender marriage as marriage.

The way ELCA policies talk about sexuality and “holy living” leads to shame, fear, and secrecy. We are collecting anonymous stories from ELCA members to show the harmful culture of oppression that this rhetoric causes. Read these stories, and submit your own.

Read our statement for more about what we believe, and add your signature to our statement summary if you agree with us. Join us in the fight for reformation!