State of the Movement


The Naked and Unashamed movement began as a small group of seminarians gathered to critique the sexual theology of the ELCA. We realized that the words we were reading in church documents didn’t align with our views of sexuality, and the more we spoke to others in our community, the more we found that these words hurt those around us in very real ways. And so, with a bunch of people telling us to “get over it,” we decided to fight for ourselves.

It is humbling to see how much momentum we have gained since then. We have our own website, partnerships with other Lutheran organizations, 70 petition signatures, and a social media following of over 200 people!

But the work isn’t over.

We at Naked and Unashamed are dedicated to building a collective of Lutherans who care about gender and sexual justice in a church that has silenced and shamed people, and we want as many individuals as possible to join. Because of this, we are committing to collecting two hundred and twenty-five signatures on our petition by February 25th.

We want people to listen to us, and we cannot accomplish that without your help. The signatures on our petition provide us with the necessary leverage to meet with individuals in the ELCA who would normally write us off. This takes us beyond stories to action, and the action begins with you.

Can you commit to reach out to 10 Lutherans who care about sexual justice in our church? 

Copy and share this link via email or social media!

Thank you for your important work,
Malina and Raye
Naked and Unashamed Co-Founders

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